“Find Another Team!” Kennedy Chandler & Sunrise Get CHALLENGED By Top Player! Coach LOSES IT!?

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Episode 3 of Superteam got HEATED!!!

Kennedy Chandler, Kendall Brown, Gradey Dick and the rest of Sunrise Christian first face one of the best players in the country, Bryce McGowens. Bryce is tall, strong, and long, and he can score from just about anywhere. Coach is PISSED that Sunrise is struggling to stop him, and he lets the team know about it. Kennedy even ends up getting a tech! Could Sunrise hold off Bryce long enough to catch the dub?

Later, coach runs the team through a tough practice and then they hit the weight room. Once the squad's in the weight room, they try the TikTok bar challenge and see who's strong enough to get it done.

Hope you mess with the new episode!!

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